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Mijn filmvacatures
Sound recordist gezocht voor microbudget speelfilm
Vincent Nijman

'Los Ojos Rojos' is an international micro budget thriller with English/ Dutch crew.
The spoken language in the movie will be mainly Spanish (some English)

There's a lot of outdoor shooting, in nature.

It will be an adventurous couple of weeks spend on the smallest of The Canary islands.
A mix of camping and film making.

More info on the project:


professionele productie / lowbudget

El Hierro, Canarische eilanden en mogelijk ook in Nederland

Someone with his/ her own equipment.
It doesn't need to be anything fancy,
as long as it's good enough to record spoken words as well as ambient sounds.
Be creative! ;)
You need to be adventurous
You don't mind sleeping in a tent
You are physically fit

Near future
Over the next months we will be prepping the characters, script read throughs will start soon.
The (location) shoot on the island will probably take place in october/ november. Maybe later.

Before that time we might shoot some scenes in The Netherlands.

Functie eisen / profiel
Sound recording, interior and exterior.
From ambient sounds to dialogue.

Wat bieden wij?
We might not be able to offer you money but we can offer you the opportunity to be part of an exciting project: The first feature project of an ambitious team.

This is your chance to join a group of passionate people from different countries (Netherlands, United States, Spain/ Canary islands) and be part of something special.

Imagine a couple of weeks on one of the Canary islands. An adventurous mix of film making and relaxing in a beautiful, quiet place full of savage, energetic nature.

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Op: 14-07-2017 / 238 x bekeken
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